How Do Oasis Senior Advisors Make Money?

how do oasis senior advisors make money

Oasis senior advisors make money by advising their clients to achieve their financial goals. This can include tax planning, estate planning or retirement planning.

Oasis offers a full suite of business retirement saving solutions, including 401(k) plans, for small and medium-sized businesses. It also provides risk management and payroll administration services.

Assisted Living

Assisted living communities provide housing and assistance with daily activities for seniors who can’t live without help. Unlike nursing homes, which focus on medical care, these communities are geared towards residents who can still be independent but need help with activities like dressing and bathing or eating.

Typically, these communities have a variety of options for care levels and services that can be purchased or subsidized by Medicaid, Supplementary Security Income or Social Services Block Grant programs. They also offer a variety of amenities that increase profit margins such as concierge services, cable TV packages and specialized care.

As a senior living advisor, you will work with seniors and their families to determine their needs and preferences and help them find the best senior living option for them. Your job is not to rush them through the process but to listen to their story, understand their wishes, and help them make informed decisions.

Memory Care

Memory care communities are designed specifically with those with Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias in mind. They offer round-the-clock supervision, specialized programming, and enhanced staff training to ensure residents stay safe.

Unlike assisted living, which may require more invasive caregiving, memory care offers a softer approach. Many memory care communities are designed around a neighborhood-style setting, where apartments are clustered together to create a more homelike environment for seniors.

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As a result, these communities often provide more individualized care and are more likely to keep your loved one happy and content. They also typically have a secure courtyard, secured doors and alarmed exits.

These features help to prevent seniors from wandering and getting lost. Some communities even have emergency buttons inside their hallways and well-lit living spaces and outdoor areas at night. They also offer a variety of social activities and meals that are tailored to the specific needs of the senior population they serve.

Nursing Homes

The aging population is a huge market that is growing at a healthy clip, but it’s still difficult to find an option that offers everything from medical care to social interaction and transportation. That’s where oasis senior advisors come in. We provide our clients with a wide range of services, from financial compliance to revenue cycle optimization, to benchmarking and other high-level business strategies.

Our best-selling product is our proprietary technology, the Oasis suite of software and hardware solutions that enable our partners to deliver superior performance. It is the most complete and comprehensive set of technology tools and resources available in the industry today. Using these tools, our team of experts can implement and maintain state-of-the-art solutions, enabling you to provide your senior population with the best possible experience. As our name suggests, we are here to help you navigate the complex and ever-changing world of senior living and long-term care. Our experienced staff will be there for you every step of the way.

Home Care

One of the most successful franchise opportunities that oasis senior advisors offer is home care. As the population ages and people need more help with daily activities, this lucrative service is booming in popularity.

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Unlike nursing homes or assisted living facilities, home care allows seniors to remain in their own homes and receive the help they need from professionals. It also helps them feel safer and more at peace.

Oasis Senior Advisors has a wide range of services to choose from and their team of nationally certified advisors are there to help you find the right home care option for your loved one.

In this podcast, we interview Amy Wilczek, owner and Nationally Certified Senior Advisor at Oasis Senior Advisors about her experience in the field. She gives us some great insights into how she goes about helping her clients and what her biggest passion is.

In addition to home care, Oasis Senior Advisors also offers a variety of other franchises. They have a clear commitment to implementing good business practices and valuing their employees. This ensures that they can be a success in the market even during a recession.

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